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At Scope we believe that clothing purchases should take environmental impact into consideration.  This is why we recommend the ‘wear more, wash less’ philosophy as it relates to garment care. While we do our best to try and minimize the environmental impact on our end, up to two-thirds of the carbon footprint created by your garment occurs after it has been delivered to your door. By following our care instructions below, you can ensure your clothing purchase lasts longer, while doing your part for the environment. 



Think twice before throwing a perfectly fresh garment in the washer after a single use. Many garments just need to be aired out properly to be good for another wear. It’s not unhygienic, it’s responsible and saves you both time and money - washing less reduces wear and tear on your garments. They will last longer the gentler you treat them.


Follow the care labelling instructions affixed to your clothing carefully, they’ve been designed to keep your clothes in great shape while not pressuring the environment too heavily. While you can find the specific wash instructions for each garment on the care labelling instructions, there are a few general tips and tricks that can be good to keep in mind:
  • Go for lower temperatures when possible - Lower temperature still gets the job done, while putting less stress on your clothing;

  • Not too much and not too little - Washing a single t-shirt on its own is a waste of both water and energy and heavy loads cause friction which wears clothes out faster and may also result in the garments being poorly washed;

  • Use green laundry detergents - Choose an environmentally friendly laundry detergent free from phosphates and whiteners. Don’t use too much laundry detergent, more detergent won’t clean your clothes any better;

  • Skip the dryer - Line or air drying is always the better option. Skipping the dryer is probably the most significant choice both in terms of doing the environment a favor and keeping your garments in good shape.
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