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Durwell Cuts+Gashes: Soothing Cream with Essential Oils

Durwell Equine Naturals

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10% of proceeds are donated to the Horse Protection Society of BC

Cuts + Gashes Cream is designed to promote the natural healing of damaged skin and wounds for dogs, cats and horses. The cream is enriched with a proprietary blend of essential oils and Vitamin E. Essential oils are natural substances extracted from plants. The blend of oils used in Cuts + Gashes was developed over time and has been used for many years by the Horse Protection Society of BC.

This cream has potent anti-bacterial, anti-viral activity and anti-fungal activity. It is also hemostatic (slows down bleeding), helping to heal cuts and gashes. This cream also has the ability to stimulate the immune system to increase the production of infection fighting components. Given its anti-septic, healing and anti-inflammatory properties, this cream is excellent for slow to heal wounds or weepy skin. And finally, it is good for dry or sensitive skin and any kind of redness or inflammation.

Why is it important

  • Contains proprietary blend of essential oils
  • Promotes cuts and scratches to heal fast
  • Antiseptic

Recommended use:  Provides fast healing and anti-septic activity for cuts and scratches. Do not use it on pregnant mares.

Recommended Dose:  Apply cream to the affected area, massage until absorbed 2x/day until it clears. Not meant to be ingested

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